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RT @Franceunquote: Argos Soditic Mid-Market Index, unlisted mid-market companies fall to 6.2x EBITDA from 7.6x in previous semester. #yam


Devant le salon #ecommerce. Taux de cravates: 5%. Taux d’iphones: 60%. #yam

Notation crédit 2.0 : Cortera

Quelques entreprises sont notoirement connues pour être de mauvais payeurs

Ils ne le font pas forcément exprès. C’est plus souvent une question de procédures : trop de signatures à…

Notation crédit 2.0 : Cortera

La bonne question

La mesure d’opinion est un sujet bien complexe… Pas forcément pour les raisons que l’on pense.

De l’extérieur, la complexité semble être dans les modèles de traitement numérique et statistique,…

La bonne question

Some companies are well known to be awful payers

Not necessarily on purpose. Usually, it is a question of process: too many necessary signatures, approvals, too many changes needed on the billing statement…

Of course, if a SME tried to do the same, its suppliers would soon panic, think it is in trouble, and stop delivering. However, most bad payers are usually large reputable companies. As a consequence, their suppliers bide their time and find other solutions — while, for…

Surveys are not an easy undertaking. Not for lack of answers, but for lack of questions.

Complexity seems to lie in numerical and statistical procedures. However, the best statistician will not get anything out of skewed or faulty data.

Why then are so many surveys so badly written ?

For instance :

  • many questions have multiple parts (“what is your opinion about this restaurant’s service?”). How do you know whether the client reacted to the great maître d’h or the horrendous waitress?

I think that yes. RT @andrerib: (thanks mum!) Do dysfunctional families breed entrepreneurs?

Finally there is somebody else from NextStage on Twitter. Welcome @ma_gastineau !

RT @epelboin: 10 pistes d’évolution pour la télé (sur Internet) !

Enfin reçu mes nouvelles cartes de visite avec mon identifiant twitter. #yam

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